Thursday, August 3, 2017

Independent media setting the conversation in Redding

On Tuesday, veteran Redding journalist Doni Chamberlain published a column at ANewsCafe titled "Redding's New Normal is Unacceptable." It detailed Doni's frustration and sadness over the city's current homeless epidemic, or some would say invasion. Her column generated 210 comments covering all sides of the debate and prompted an invitation from Carl and Linda Bott to appear on their radio show this morning. She'll be on during the 8 a.m. hour on KCNR AM 1460.

The publisher of an independent, locally owned news site appearing as a guest on a locally owned radio station to discuss a pressing local issue.

Redding's independent media is currently setting the conversation and agenda in this community, starting with the Facebook page Redding Crime 2.0 and continuing with sites such as the Shasta Lantern and Jefferson Messenger. The local lineup of non-corporate-affiliated reporters and bloggers is vibrant and expanding, and crosses the spectrum of political opinion.

This expansion can be seen in a couple of new features on this blog's sidebar. One is a feed from the Redding Voice, which offers the following description of itself.
Redding Voice is a positive, progressive voice in Redding, CA. Our editorial policy is to focus on emerging aspects of where we love to live: community building, fun and fine arts, volunteerism, spirituality, education, environmental stewardship, open-mindedness, peace and justice issues and other values that serve the common good.

We are not a traditional news outlet, so you won’t find typical articles on crime, political controversy, sports, popular entertainment, obituaries, etc.

We are non-partisan and non-sectarian, hoping to give voice to reasonable people, who are often part of the silent middle, between extremes.
The site seems similar to Doni's ANewsCafe; although I'm sure there are differences, there are undoubtedly readers who frequent both sites. I'm always looking for other RSS feeds providing news and information from around the north state, so if you know of one, let me know.

I've also added links to the State of Jefferson movement's revamped website, which offers a regular commentary called Jefferson Messenger, as well as links to the Plumas County News and Lassen County Times. The Plumas News is edited by Debra Moore, a former editor of mine who definitely has a heart for community journalism.

I've also provided a link to my own Facebook page, which you should visit if you want to see all of my posts. I typically post Capital Press-related content during the day, then items from other sources in the evenings and weekends related to media trends and news you may not have seen depending on where you get your news. Remember, your Facebook news feed doesn't give you anywhere near everything all of your friends post, so it's best to visit individual pages -- especially when the subject matter involves news the guardians of social media would rather you not see.

And remember, if you are on social media or if you contribute to the conversation beneath stories like Doni's, you are the independent media, too.

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