Wednesday, June 14, 2017

LaMalfa calls for unity, announces 2018 re-election bid

A statement from Rep. Doug LaMalfa:
We have seen some rocky times in DC and around the country since my January swearing in and the Inauguration of President Trump. We have much to be optimistic about, but I also notice a very deep division in our country that seemed to play out today in the horrendous shooting that occurred at this mornings practice for a bi-partisan charity baseball game. I give thanks and prayerful hopes of healing for the victims of the shooting and our brave Capitol Police who were there this morning.

Hopefully we can learn from this in time to curb the division and come back to the unity that helps America to be its best. We can accomplish so much more when we are united in purpose.

I've always been results oriented. This year my focus is on water storage, highways, putting in place a health insurance system where people have choices and can afford them, improving America’s necessary military strength around the world and bringing jobs back here to Northern California.

In making my decision to run for re-election in 2018, I see so much potential in what can be achieved for the American people and the North State in parallel with the Trump White House. We are pushing a roll back of crushing regulations that are stealing our water and property rights. As well we must achieve needed tax reform so American businesses can be competitive and families can keep more of what they have worked hard to earn.

So many of you have expressed your prayers and support for me and for what my colleagues are working to achieve back in Washington DC. The optimism of January may have been tempered in some peoples minds by the headlines of the day and deep division. Yet I still hold that optimism, knowing that even if we have tough times, that we together are tougher and can push through.

For today, please know I am doing okay and will remain undaunted in pushing forward for the goals I’ve been proud to champion. Soon I’ll be calling on you for your endorsement and support I will need to move forward and seek re-election in 2018.

Thank you again for your support and encouragement. I ask also for your prayers for Congress for safety, wisdom and discernment. Please keep our law enforcement in your prayers, who protect us here at home and our Military, who protect us abroad.

God Bless America[.]

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