Friday, May 12, 2017

Left-wing north state group calling for 'revolution'

Former tea party organizer Erin Ryan, a field representative for Rep. Doug LaMalfa, sent out a message alerting folks to the actions of a new group on Facebook that calls itself Our Revolution Northstate.

The site -- which boasts 1,785 members -- is apparently a clearinghouse for political organizing in the 1st Congressional District, much of it targeting LaMalfa.

Erin writes:
It looks like the left is mobilizing in the 1st congressional district. Lots of negativity and plans to disrupt our ability to represent the people here. Even my office hours up in Yreka are now a target. UGH
She's fighting information with information, asking folks to message her on Facebook or post photos or videos of the group's doings.

As I've reported here, there are several left-wing groups in the north state that are organizing protests and other activities designed to gather media attention. This Our Revelution page gives people advice on how to get their point across and even what to say.

Here's one post from group member Teri Wo:

LaMalfa's Oroville office phones are "ringing off the hook". CALL and let's try to burn the phone lines down!

RE: ACHA Today I'm asking why House didn't wait for CBO (Congressional Budget Office) financial scoring when total health care in U.S. = 7% of total budget.

And I'm asking why LaM didn't publically also call for open hearings.

Oroville: 530-534-7100
Redding: 530-223-5898
She also tells people how to make one or two people seem like many:
Let it keep ringing till you get recording, then call back immed. and let it ring again till recording, rinse and repeat.
Hey, all's fair in love and (political) war -- as long as it doesn't put people's lives at risk. That's what happened in Tennessee, where one unhinged woman actually chased down a congressman's vehicle, ran it off the highway and started beating the car. Then she posted her attack on Facebook.

But as you see and hear reports of a few dozen people protesting at LaMalfa's office or on the street, or people "flooding their congressman" with phone calls, here's what you need to remember: It is all organized, scripted and hand-delivered for media consumption.

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