Thursday, May 4, 2017

Charter loses 100,000 cable TV subscribers in 1st quarter

The exodus from the old and outdated bundled cable-TV model continues. Charter Communications shed 100,000 pay TV subscribers from January through March, the company announced. That's akin to losing the entire Redding basin.

It's also more cancellations than the company expected, Breitbart News reports.

Charter claims it made a $155 million profit for the quarter as it added 428,000 broadband subscribers. I would submit that the revenue increase is at least partly due to another increase in rates, which happened recently. Also, the company stopped bundling internet and phone, so the only way you can get a bundle discount is if you include television.

But rate increases are fool's gold for these cable companies because the time will come soon when people will refuse to pay them even for high-speed internet. That's because the streaming technology is improving to the point that you no longer need a coaxial cable to get decent internet. I had the special opportunity recently to listen to radio programs on a Verizon cell phone while on one of my road trips, and even in a rainstorm so heavy that some drivers pulled to the side of the road, the stream continued unabated. I don't have Verizon on my own phone because I refuse to sign a contract, but the point is that the days of walking around a room saying, "Can you hear me now" are rapidly ending.

In any event, people are walking away from the major corporate media outlets' constant barrage of divisiveness and vulgarity.

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