Wednesday, April 12, 2017

USA Today columnist calls female politico 'the darkness'

Remember all those high-minded lectures about respecting women we got from newspaper editors and columnists around about last October? Somehow I doubt we'll hear a peep from those folks about the latest sexist outrage, which comes courtesy of a scribe from USA Today.

From NewsBusters:
USA Today columnist Michael Wolff came out and said what every liberal journalist probably thinks of the Donald Trump administration and said it to Kellyanne Conway’s face: “You’re the darkness.”

At Wednesday’s Newseum “Press and the President” forum, Wolff recited the Washington Post’s new slogan to Trump’s White House counselor and admitted what the Post was really driving at: “I’m gonna tell you, when they say ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness,’ you’re the darkness.”

For her part, Conway handled the charge with aplomb as she replied “I’m not the darkness” and mentioned how she’s “getting used to the [SNL] skit” about her. She went on to offer advice she’s given to children: “Just because somebody says something, doesn’t make it true.”
Now I think the phrase "democracy dies in darkness" works better as a vision statement for the Washington Post than as a slogan. And the article says Wolff walked his statement back when he realized the ramifications of what he had said.

But the larger issue remains that if you have the "wrong" views or wrong (read: traditional) values, this is what they think of you in major corporate newsrooms across the country. You're not just incorrect, or have shortsighted political views, etc. You're dark, as in evil, as in a scourge that should be cleansed from society. Or as Hillary put it, you're irredeemable.

There's something you should understand about the USA Today and its parent company, Gannett: They are one company with one budget. Far-flung outposts in the "USA Today Network" are about as local as your friendly neighborhood Starbucks. And the business models of other major corporate media companies are similar. That's unfortunate for some formerly proud local publications that have been assimilated as if by the Borg.

But fortunate or not, if you purchase or advertise in one of their publications whether in California or Wisconsin, or if you patronize a business that does, you are paying the salaries of people like this, with attitudes like this.

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