Monday, April 10, 2017

Shasta BOS' fence-sitting could cost sheriff millions

Red Smith writes at the Shasta Lantern:
Early last month the Shasta County Board of Supervisors declined to take up discussion of a resolution declaring that Shasta County would comply with Federal Immigration Law and reporting standards. The proposed resolution, if passed, would have followed in the footsteps of Tehama and Siskiyou Counties whose Boards voted to comply with Federal Immigration Laws and legally declare their jurisdictions not part of a “sanctuary jurisdiction”. The City of Anderson, a town within Shasta County, broke ranks with County leadership by also choosing to comply with Federal law. Adoption of these resolutions are a response of direct defiance to the State of California’s Legislature who, with the passage of SB 54, seeks to declare the State of California a “sanctuary jurisdiction” for illegal aliens and orders local law enforcement to illegally ignore Federal Immigration Laws. [...]

Shasta County’s failure to openly declare they will comply with Federal Law and reporting standards potentially exposes the County Sheriffs Office to the loss of millions of dollars in Federal grants and pass through dollars. As declared by newly confirmed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Board of Supervisors fence riding could not only endanger current budgetary funds but could as well make the Shasta County Sheriff ineligible for future Federal funding altogether. In his recent speech Attorney General Sessions also alluded to the Department of Justice seeking to “claw back” Federal funds from Sanctuary Jurisdictions. “Claw-back” is when a granting agency seeks a return of funds distributed for a grantees failure to use the funds as required or malfeasance in other areas. According to a Federal Department of Justice spokesperson “claw-back” could seek to retrieve all funds dispersed or funds dispersed over the last five years in the case of continual disbursements.
The entire column is here.

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