Friday, April 7, 2017

Nielsen, farm groups rip $52 billion transportation tax

Northern California's state Sen. Jim Nielsen and agricultural groups are unhappy over the Legislature's passage of $52 billion in new fuel and vehicle taxes to fund road improvements in California.

Nielsen, the Republican caucus chairman, issued the following statement:
“There is no sunset to this massive $52 billion tax.

“Our highways, roads and bridges are in ‘third world’ condition. Transportation, however, has not been a priority for Sacramento Democrats.

“This massive tax will not only impact Californians at the gas pump; it will result in higher costs for food, clothes and other goods.

“This will affect the working poor and middle class Californians like Miranda Thomas, a single mom on a fixed income with a young child who needs to see a pediatrician often. She wrote to me and said, ‘Being poor shouldn’t force us off the road.’”
Ag group representatives are telling me they think the taxes -- particularly a 500 percent increase in the diesel tax -- will disproportionately affect growers.

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