Thursday, March 2, 2017

North state fair leader approaches events from both sides

Yesterday I interviewed Ryann Newman, a pony ride concessionaire who was hired two years ago to manage the struggling Glenn County Fair in Orland. She is seen in the photos feeding her ponies on her ranch in Glenn, about 15 minutes away from the fairgrounds.

She is one of the more energetic fair managers in the north state, thinking up ideas for getting people to the fairgrounds and generating income. One of those ideas was November's inaugural Precision Ag Expo, which assembled a veritable who's-who list of agriculture industry professionals and experts to give seminars on new technology and farm finances.

Ryann is in a unique position as a fair manager to bring in experience as a concessionaire. She said it helps her look at issues from both points of view.

Watch for my Western Innovator feature on Ryann at in the coming days.

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