Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Monsanto gives reporters a look at its Woodland facility

Yesterday I was among an eclectic, international group of reporters given the chance to tour Monsanto's vegetable seed research and development facility in Woodland and ask probing questions about the company's operations.

In the photos, from the top: John Purcell, Monsanto's vegetable R&D and Hawaii business lead, stands in one of the greenhouses at the 200-acre facility; vegetable R&D strategy and operations manager Mark Oppenhuizer discusses the many types of seeds in the lab's seed library; melon breeder Jeff Mills discusses the breeding process; and consumer sensory leader Chow-Ming Lee demonstrates a taste test of tomatoes grown with the lab's seeds.

I'll be doing several stories from the day's visit, including an overview of the lab and a frank discussion with Purcell about Monsanto's challenges and opportunities.

Look for my stories at in the coming days.

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