Friday, February 3, 2017

Retired parole officer: Violent mobs are funded, organized

Liz Bowen at Pie n Politics passes along an open letter from Ron Glynn, a retired parole and probation officer from Oregon, in response to video footage of a vicious mob assault on a supporter of President Donald Trump at the Portland airport.

He writes:
Dear Freedom Loving Americans:

Watch the attached video to see the kind of people turning out for protests against President Trump. These protests “breaking out” across America are not spontaneous. Left Wing forces started organizing Resistance against President Trump the day after Election. I know because I am on their email lists. Money coming from the Extremist Billionaire George Soros is paying for organization and the mobs are centrally controlled and directed where to protest. Those controlling these mobs have lots of young useful idiots to fill their ranks of protestors.

The Left is making a strategic error using Viet Nam War Era Protesting tactics to an attempt to win over the Average American to side with them against President Trump. What they are doing is going to backfire on them. The Average American(Liberal, Conservative, Moderate) are not going to support violence and property destruction done by mobs of vulgar, shrieking hateful people. One of the mistakes they are doing is interfering with people’s right to move and to have free association with other people. An example of this was their effort at the Inauguration to block people from getting to see the Inauguration.

They have also been blocking traffic in large Metropolitan areas. Some liberal sitting in his car stuck in traffic and ending up being two hours late for work is not going to look to too kindly on their movement. Let’s hope the Left Wing Radicals keeps up this type of movement and that the Democratic Leaders like Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon keep supporting their activities. It will get real old for most Americans in a matter of few months.

Yours For Freedom, Liberty, and Prosperity,
Ron Glynn
Retired Multnomah County Parole & Probation Officer
Wolf Creek, Oregon

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