Friday, February 10, 2017

Politics dominate Day 1 of Anderson logging conference

Yesterday I spent most of the day at the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference in Anderson, where two Northern California elected officials -- Rep. Tom McClintock and Assemblyman Brian Dahle -- told of a turning political tide on issues related to natural resources.

In the photos, from the top: McClintock (left) talks with Dahle field representative Bruce Ross; fourth-graders attending the annual education day at the conference watched a law enforcement video and learned about an old steam donkey; Redding-based Gabe Schultz of the state's Tree Mortality Task Force gave an update on the millions of dead and dying trees in the woods; and Dahle stood near a large equipment display.

McClintock flashed a little Trumpian bravado in telling his audience at the kickoff breakfast they'll need a bigger hall next year to accommodate all the new jobs in logging that could result from efforts in Congress to boost timber harvests, and as I reported here last night, Dahle's report on his efforts in Sacramento to help rural folks included the unveiling of a proposal to put a measure on the ballot to reorganize the state Senate.

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