Friday, February 3, 2017

Nielsen, others want Brown to declare end to drought

From Northern California's Sen. Jim Nielsen:
With more rain and snow in the forecast and trillions of gallons of water flushing to the ocean, Northern California lawmakers and local water agencies have asked Governor Brown to end the emergency drought proclamation. In their letter, officials stated the following:

“Through your emergency declaration and outreach efforts, Californians are now more mindful and aware of the scarcity of our water.

“Californians dutifully conserved water during the drought. We took out our lawns and substituted drought tolerant plants. We took shorter showers. We used more efficient watering systems on our gardens and farms. Perhaps most painfully, we fallowed our land and sold off our livestock out-of-state.

“You asked us to do our part to save. We dutifully complied.

“In fact, conservation had become widely practiced, particularly in agriculture, even before this most recent devastating and prolonged drought.

“Californians have done their part. Let’s do our part and end the drought.”
The letter is signed by Nielsen, north state Sen. Ted Gaines and Assembly members Brian Dahle, James Gallagher and Kevin Kiley. Others signers include David Guy, president of the Northern California Water Association. Getting Brown to declare an end to the drought could be a tall order considering what both state and federal agency officials said about it yesterday.

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