Tuesday, February 21, 2017

NBC News bummed Trump still president after 32 days

From the Daily Wire:
In what has to rank as the dumbest headline of this year, NBC Politics ran with this shockingly bold story:

President Trump reaches 32 days, won't be shortest U.S. president

When President Trump says that the media are corrupt and vicious, that their tone is inexcusably detrimental to the nation, he’s thinking of headlines like this one. The tenor of lovelorn hope – well, he didn’t go in the first 30 days, but we can pray on it – is palpable. Did NBC run anything remotely resembling such a piece of news about Barack Obama? Or was it just a series of paeans to his genius?
They were sincerely hoping that something -- or someone -- would take him out, regardless of the national crisis that would create. And these are the people who have been given the privilege of beaming their signal into every home in America -- including your child's bedroom.

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