Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fox News host wants UC-Berkeley 'shut down' over riots

If you're a grower and your commodity group works with the UC system, and you've benefited from the great work of the Cooperative Extension, this may interest you.

Fox News commentator Todd Starnes takes note of the riots at UC-Berkeley last night. He observes:
The crowd hurled fireworks at police officers and smashed windows at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Union. They also damaged buildings in downtown Berkeley – including a Starbucks and a number of banks.

The bloodthirsty mob targeted several supporters of President Trump. One young lady wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat was attacked during a television interview. An unknown man sprayed some sort of liquid in her face.

The Daily Californian reports another Trump supporter was grabbed by a crowd of agitators and thrown to the ground. He escaped, but they grabbed his red hat and set it on fire. And police had to rescue another man who was bloodied and beaten.
He continues:
According to the university, not a single person was arrested. Not a single arrest, folks.

Did someone order the police officers to stand down? If so, who gave that order – and why?

So here's what needs to happen: President Trump should immediately issue an executive order blocking Berkeley students from receiving any federal funding. And the same goes for any other public universities that want to silence conservative voices.

Universities must guarantee free speech for all students – conservative and liberal. It’s time for the federal government to eradicate this un-American infestation in higher education.

So shut down Berkeley, Mr. President. Shut it down.
Aside from the potential loss of federal funding, it strikes me that Milo could also sue the university for failing to provide adequate safety for him or for his guests, some of whom were brutally beaten. And those guests could also sue.

Now I have absolutely no doubt that people in our extension offices around the state were disgusted by what happened. But a loss of funding hurts everyone in the system.

And another relevant point: If you're upset over what happened in Berkeley, stop funding the media propagandists that are fomenting this stuff. Some of these students who rioted last night were no doubt sitting in their dorm rooms yesterday morning watching this and somehow felt justified in what they were doing. You can't pay a $130 cable bill because you have to have your HBO and turn around and complain about our society going to hell. You just made a $130 donation to the anarchists.

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