Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Water measurement regs take effect for larger diverters

A reminder from the California Cattlemen's Association:
On Jan. 1, new regulations concerning the measurement, monitoring and reporting of water diversions took effect for the largest category of water diverters. The regulations, adopted by the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) as required by SB 88, have now passed their effective deadline for those diverting 1,000 acre-feet or more of water annually (smaller diverters will be required to comply with the regulations by July 2017 or January 2018 depending on their size and type of diversions).

Despite the regulations having taken effect, however, the SWRCB still has not made available final forms by which diverters can request additional time, alternative compliance or a cooperative measurement method (though sample versions of these forms are available at the SWRCB's website here.

For that reason, the SWRCB is extending the filing deadline for these forms until January 30. The SWRCB's website says that these forms will be "made available shortly." In the meantime, any diverters of more than 1,000 acre feet annually who have not yet installed a measuring device at their point of diversion in compliance with the regulation is heavily encouraged to fill out an extension of time request (or other request) once the forms become available online. Additionally, CCA encourages those who are interested in filing requests for additional time, alternative compliance or for a cooperative measurement method to study the sample forms currently available at the SWRCB's website and to contact the CCA office with any questions.

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