Friday, January 13, 2017

Forestry group: Siskiyou monument violates O&C Act

From a news release:
Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities, an organization supporting the active management of federally-owned forest lands, had the following to say regarding President Obama's use of the Antiquities Act to expand the size of Cascade Siskiyou National Monument:

“President Obama’s use of the Antiquities Act to expand the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument is a violation of the O&C Act, and yet another blow to rural, forested communities in Southwest Oregon.

“It is extremely disappointing to those who support multiple use management of our federal lands. By making this unilateral decision, the Obama Administration ignored citizens who are concerned about how this expansion will affect private property, public access, local economy and businesses, mitigation against catastrophic wildfire, drought and other impacts. Further reductions in timber harvests on O&C lands will also threaten the ability of rural counties to provide essential public services like sheriff patrols and jails for violent criminals.

“Unfortunately, these types of last-minute, half-baked decisions erode public trust in government and make communities directly impacted by the designation feel ignored and unheard. There is limited support in Southern Oregon for this expansion. Joining the many citizens who have expressed concerns and opposition to this plan include counties, area legislators, the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce and others.

“Now more than ever, we need the incoming Trump Administration and the new Congress to fix our broken system of federal land management, and especially to achieve a long-term solution of the management of Western Oregon O&C lands.”
Here is Mateusz Perkowski's report on the reaction from ranchers at

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