Monday, January 16, 2017

Corruption, gas prices fueling unrest at Mexico border

While the U.S. corporate media is busy trying to organize nationwide protests of Donald Trump's inauguration, few are paying attention to the actual protests in Mexico over rising gas prices and corruption that are growing in intensity. The Shasta Lantern's Red Smith passes along a report that details the unrest at Mexico's border with California over our southern neighbor's failing reforms.

As Nick Bernabe writes in Antimedia:
The U.S. media has remained mostly mute on the situation in Mexico, even as the unfolding civil unrest has closed the U.S.-Mexico border in San Diego, California, several times in the past week. Ongoing “gasolinazo” protests in Mexico over a 20 percent rise in gas prices have led to over 400 arrests, 250 looted stores, and six deaths. Roads are being blockaded, borders closed, and government buildings are being sacked. Protests have remained relatively peaceful overall, except for several isolated violent acts, which activists have blamed on government infiltrators.

The few mainstream news reports that have covered the situation blame rising gas prices but fail to examine several other factors that are pushing Mexico to the brink of revolution.
Inflation, "narco-state" corruption and "neoliberal policies" that have left the working class behind are some of the factors behind the unrest, the article contends.

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