Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Citrus Mutual disappointed, not surprised by TPP move

From California Citrus Mutual:
President Trump's Executive Order withdrawing the U.S. from the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is disappointing, yet not surprising.

"The President has been unapologetically opposed to TPP since early in his campaign, so it comes to no surprise that he has officially withdrawn the U.S. from the proposed trade agreement, despite it's clear and obvious benefit to the California citrus industry and broader U.S. agricultural sector," says California Citrus Mutual (CCM) President Joel Nelsen.

The TPP included an immediate elimination of tariffs on citrus exports to Vietnam and a gradual reduction or elimination of tariffs to other Pacific Rim countries, including Japan, a leading importer of California citrus. The trade deal also established a structure for phytosanitary negotiations with Vietnam.

"The President's Executive Order does set back efforts by the citrus industry to increase exports to both existing trading partners and emerging export markets," continues Nelsen, "But we remain confident that demand for California citrus in these countries will continue to grow even without TPP."

Japan is and will continue to be a top export market for California citrus and demand from Vietnam is on an upward trajectory.

"Our job now is to assure President Trump that the California citrus industry is committed to working with his Administration to maintain the existing TPP language whether it is through a country-by-country approach or a broad trade agreement," concludes Nelsen.

About CCM - CCM is the only advocacy organization representing CA citrus growers on the economic, regulatory, and political issues that impact them most. We are a voluntary, non-profit trade association dedicated to enhancing the sustainability of the CA citrus industry by advocating for sound, reasonable policy that allows for fair competition in the market place. Our 2,500 members represent 75% of California 270,000 acre, $3.3 billion citrus industry.
The Capital Press' Matthew Weaver filed a comprehensive report on farm groups' reaction to the TPP decision.

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