Thursday, January 19, 2017

CFBF: Flooded fields may not show damage for months

From the California Farm Bureau Federation's Food and Farm News:
In areas of Northern California where rivers and streams have overflowed their banks, farmers assess the impact of flooding on their crops. In many cases, the possibility of damage will hinge on how long the crops remain under standing water. University of California farm advisors say flooded alfalfa fields may not show any damage for months. Advisors encourage farmers to inspect alfalfa fields carefully once they drain.
Meanwhile, Southern California farmers are hoping for more rain, the Farm Bureau reports.
There’s rain forecast this week for many parts of Southern California, and that’s welcome news for farmers in the region. Whereas Northern California has seen powerful storms during January, rainfall totals to the south remain below average. Farmers in Santa Barbara County have had to prune some of their avocado trees down to stumps, due to lack of water. A farmer who grows wheat in northern Los Angeles County says he needs more rain to assure he can plant his crop.

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