Thursday, January 12, 2017

Blog: Gov. Jerry Brown's 'BIG green budget is in the red'

Katy Grimes writes at FlashReport, a blog focusing on state politics:
Even with “the most progressive tax system in the United states,” California Gov. Jerry Brown is facing huge deficits, and cannot balance the state budget. The huge $180 billion state budget proposal for 2017-18, may be another record budget but for millions of Californians, it’s still record stagnation and less income.

Brown has presented yet another budget fairytale that will have $5.8 Billion in deficits over the next three years – even with the recently passed ballot tax of $10 Billion in new tax revenue. And the budget does little or nothing to pay down more than $240 billion in state debt.

Why? Because personal income tax, corporate, and sales tax projections are down.

“Why are the personal income tax, corporate and sales tax projections down?” you ask.

Because, as I recently explained, “Californians are living a nightmare, the likes of which could only be conceived by leftists: The highest housing costs in the country, highest poverty in the country, highest taxes and regulations in the country, the worst performing schools, high unemployment and a part-time service economy, explosive healthcare costs, the most illegal aliens living in any state, one-third of the nations’ welfare, a growing, radicalized government, the labor union tail is wagging the dog, a soaring crime rate with politicians emptying out the prisons and jails, while simultaneously passing Constitutionally dubious gun control laws, and legalizing marijuana. It’s a recipe for disaster.”
Here's her full post. My Capital Press story on the budget's impacts on agriculture is here.

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