Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Are the Russians backing the CalExit movement?

Pie N Politics editor Liz Bowen makes the case that the effort by a few Californians to secede from the United States has ties to Russia. She writes:
In doing research about Calexit and the Yes, California, I have found several very rich Silicon Valley elites are behind it. Even more interesting is that the leader of Yes, California is Louis J. Marinelli, who is a New Yorker that lives in Russia. Yep, Russia — and there is proof that the Russian government is providing assistance to promote his efforts. And on Dec. 18, 2016, Marinelli announced that Yes, California campaign had opened an embassy in Moscow.

So the entire project is very suspect to say the least. My goodness!
She also cautions people not to confuse CalExit with the State of Jefferson movement.
The State of Jefferson is not part of this group and the leaders are adamant to explain the Jefferson movement opposes Calexit. Jefferson supporters believe in the U.S. Constitution and want to add a star to the United States flag as a new state.

Unfortunately, in some news articles the State of Jefferson has not been correctly explained and reporters insinuate the Jefferson movement is much like Calexit. That suggestion is blasphemy to Jefferson leaders. And as spokesman Mark Baird has explained, if the Calexit campaign should happen to be successful, many citizens in the Northern California counties will be clamoring and demanding their legislative leaders to use Article 4 Sec. 3 of the U.S. Constitution to break away from California and create a new state – just like West Virginia did during the Civil War.
False reporting. Imagine that.

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