Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Today in the Lantern: The hidden dangers of CalExit

Introducing another independent local news outlet in the north state -- the Shasta Lantern, which has actually been around for a couple of years but has been down of late for remodeling. Although the site's renovations are ongoing, it's back up and running, and we'll be posting links to notable articles in the weeks and months ahead.

The top story on their homepage this morning is titled, "The Hidden Danger of #Calexit," by Red Smith. A sampling:
The Tuesday November 9th, 2016 historic vote for President Elect Donald Trump has sent seismic cultural and civil shock-waves throughout the nation to the point there have even been calls for the direct overthrow of the United States Government. [...] As protests and riots have erupted across the nation to dispute the latest election, it would appear our nation faces its greatest social divide in 155 years since the election of Abraham Lincoln. In a twist of historical irony, it is once again predominantly the American Democratic party refusing to concede to the lawful election of a highly unpopular Republican President elect, who recently had shattered the status quo of his own party, and sought to lead a national social revolution.
The entire piece is here. (My thought is that California can do what it wants, as long as it leaves Jefferson in the Union.)

The Lantern is also a regular presence on Facebook as we are ("we" being both the Capital Press and myself), posting lots of national and international news that you might not have heard from established corporate media.

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