Thursday, December 15, 2016

The difference between the Jefferson push and CalExit

Katy Grimes spells it out in the Shasta Lantern. An exerpt:
State of Jefferson is an Article 4 Section 3 Constitutional State split. SOJ is vastly different than the CalExit effort, explained Sally Rapoza in a Redding Searchlight article. “First, and most importantly we do not want to leave the Union. We want to add a star to our flag, not take one away. We love our country and want to return to Constitutional principles.”

There are major differences between State of Jefferson and CalExit:

--SOJ is a grass roots effort—there is no large financier behind this movement.
--The Jefferson proposal has historical roots. It was supposed to go through before World War I and boundaries were developed.
--There are already 21 counties, which officially voted for and signed on to the movement. [...]

“The CalExit group is throwing a tantrum over the election of Donald Trump,” Rapoza said. State of Jefferson is a legal, Constitutional and patriotic movement.

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