Thursday, December 8, 2016

More farm groups jump on drought bill bandwagon

More California farm groups are coming out in support of the compromise drought relief language in a water resources bill being debated in Congress this week.

Among them is the California Farm Bureau Federation, whose president, Paul Wenger, said this:
“As California faces a potential sixth consecutive drought year, it’s critical for Congress to do what it can to assure we can capture as much water as possible from winter storms, while maintaining protections for the environment. The [...] bill offers a balanced solution to help pay for long-overdue water supply, conservation and recycling projects.” [...]

“Senator Feinstein, Representative McCarthy and other California members of Congress have worked hard, in good faith, to produce legislation that will benefit our entire state. We’ve watched too often as water from winter storms has flowed uncaptured out to sea. We have to become more sophisticated at operating our water system to store as much water as we can while meeting environmental and other needs. This bill moves us in that direction and deserves congressional support.”
Meanwhie, California Citrus Mutual, the California Cotton Ginners and Growers Associations, Western Agricultural Processors Association and Fresh Fruit Association opined in a joint statement::
"Not Perfect But It Will Help"

The words above uttered by U. S. Senator Feinstein, accurately sums up our feelings regarding the California drought legislation introduced yesterday and attached to the Water Resources Development Act. Our collective email accounts were inundated with announcements and summaries yesterday and over last night we collectively read the pertinent language addressing California's drought and aging infrastructure needs.

The litany of positives is significant and contains both short term and long term solutions to California needs. The crescendo of concern expressed by those opposing would have us living in an undeveloped California, foregoing ingenuity and the forward thinking that once helped turn California into a leading producer of food and fiber. The bill removes subjective intuition that has never been held accountable as a pathway to achieve a goal. Science that is vetted will create solutions for fish, families and farming.

Funds are authorized that begins a process to create more water efficiencies and create more water for a state seeking environmental and community relief. We commend Senator Feinstein and Congressman McCarthy for their tireless efforts to achieve a viable compromise on an import issue. Our thanks to Congressmen Valadao, Nunes, Calvert, Costa, and Garamendi for expressing their support and helping lead Congress to the goal line.

The Senator is correct, "this bill isn't perfect but I do believe it will help California." That's something that hasn't been done in a generation relative to water infrastructure and use.

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