Thursday, November 3, 2016

October rainfall: The record month that was

Many areas in Northern California obliterated their average rainfall totals for October, according to National Weather Service precipitation totals. Redding sopped up 7.78 inches for the month -- well above its normal 2.1 inches.

The Northern Sierra had its second wettest October on record, netting 12.6 inches of precipitation, according to the weather service. That's 393 percent of its normal precipitation and one-quarter of what it averages for the year.

Meanwhile, the reservoirs got a boost. From the California Farm Bureau Federation:
As California ends the first month of its rainfall season, reservoir storage has improved, compared to a year ago. Figures from the California Department of Water Resources show the state’s largest reservoir, Shasta, holds just more than average, as do Don Pedro Reservoir and Millerton Lake. Many other reservoirs remain below average for the date, despite a wet month, but hold more water than they did at the end of October last year.
Here are the October rainfall totals and comparisons to normal for selected California cities, according to the National Weather Service. Totals are as of Oct. 31. (Note: the water year now begins Oct. 1.)

Redding: 7.78 inches (normal 2.1 inches)
Eureka: 10.92 inches (normal 2.24 inches)
Sacramento: 4.72 inches (normal 0.95 inches)
Modesto: 2.05 inches (normal 0.68 inches)
Salinas: 1.61 inches (normal 0.58 inches)
Fresno: 0.67 inches (normal 0.63 inches)

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