Wednesday, November 16, 2016

California Citrus Mutual welcomes Trump administration

As California Citrus Mutual continues to oppose what it sees as government overreach, the group is praising a potential ally in that effort in President-elect Donald Trump.

From the CCM:
Please see the following statement by California Citrus Mutual President Joel Nelsen regarding the election of President Elect Donald J. Trump.

"Like many in America, we at California Citrus Mutual were surprised at the outcome of our National election. The election of President Elect Donald J. Trump and the promise of a new Administration offers hope for a more balanced approach on environmental regulations, water policy and, yes, immigration reform.

"Too many focused on the negative during the campaign and chose to misrepresent the President Elect's statements.

"He is not against trade, but he does desire better trade agreements. He is not against immigration or immigration reform, but he is for secure borders. He is for economic growth and job creation via many pathways. We in California agriculture believe the oppressive regulatory environment will improve under the Trump Administration. I believe a more balanced approach to water infrastructure and water creation is in our future.

"He hasn't built a successful business, run a successful campaign and raised a loyal family by being immune to the environment in which he operates. He struck a chord that America responded to. I think President Elect Trump will be a President for all America and will create paths that will make us great again."
As I reported in June, Trump met with growers and other ag representatives during a swing through the San Joaquin Valley before California's primary.

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