Tuesday, July 26, 2016

For some teens, being in 4-H is 'like home'

Maddie Coburn, 18, has been raising animals and bringing them to her local fair for years.

But while many students move to FFA when they become teen-agers, Coburn stayed in 4-H. The charter school she was attending didn't have its own FFA program, as many public high schools do.

"4-H provides for any age," Coburn, a Happy Valley, Calif., resident, said while tending to her pigs at the Shasta District Fair in June.

Coburn is one of several students in Happy Valley 4-H that remained into their high school years. While FFA is incorporated into high school curricula and offers access to scholarships and other incentives, some youngsters prefer to stay in 4-H for various reasons.

In the photo, Happy Valley 4-H members (from left) Matthew Bybee, Bethany Chambers, Maddie Coburn and Cody Williams stand behind the swine barn at the fairgrounds in Anderson.

Look for my full story within the 4-H ad display on Page A11 in this week's print edition of the Capital Press. To view the paper online, click here (subscription required).

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