Monday, June 20, 2016

Assemblywoman refuses to take no for an answer

Remember the ag overtime bill that supposedly died in the Assembly for lack of support? Well' it's back.

From the California Cattlemen's Association's latest legislative bulletin:
Earlier this week, the author of the ag overtime bill, defeated just a few weeks ago, has amended a bill in the Senate to bring the ag overtime issue back this legislative session. AB 2757, authored by Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego), was defeated with a vote of 38-34 earlier in the month after not securing the necessary 41 votes to pass the Assembly. Assemblymember Gonzalez gut-and-amended AB 1066, currently located in the Senate Education Committee, with the same provisions contained in AB 2757. Although Assemblymember Gonzalez bypassed the recent house of origin deadline that helped secure the defeat of AB 2757, AB 1066 will still need to come back to the Assembly for a concurrence vote. This vote will require 41 members to approve the amendments taken in the Senate and sets up another contentious debate on the Assembly floor later this year.

Although CCA expected the author to attempt something again on this issue, it is surprising that Assemblymember Gonzalez is taking the bill up again so soon. The bill is expected to likely pass the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee prior to the Summer Recess, however floor action taken by both the Senate and Assembly probably won't happen until the end of this legislative session. Both houses will conclude their business upon the adjournment of session on Aug. 31.

A large coalition of agricultural and businesses groups, including CCA, are preparing a strategy to continue to maintain a strong opposition to the bill. It is anticipated to be a very close fight.
Apparently Gonzalez took a bill that previously dealt with compensation for teachers -- a totally unrelated subject -- and replaced it with her ag overtime proposal. I am following up. Check back at for the story.

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