Monday, January 4, 2016

The Oregon militia occupation: what it's all about

If you want to get up to speed about the protesters' occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters in central Oregon, here are the basic facts, courtesy of Newsmax.

The article by reporter Mike Garcia begins:
An estimated 300 peaceful marchers demonstrated Saturday on behalf of two Oregon ranchers set to report to prison this week and, soon thereafter, a militia group took control of a federal wildlife building.

The occupation was staged without violence, but the militia said it plans to stay at the facility to protest "overreach" by the federal government for years to come.
Garcia proceeds to list 12 things the media may or may not be telling you about the occupation, including that two ranchers were convicted and sent to prison -- and now are being sent back -- for burning invasive weeds on land on which they had grazing rights. Meanwhile, Breitbart News offers a not-always-flattering primer on the Bundy family, which is at the center of the controversy.

My colleagues Eric Mortensen and Mateusz Perkowski, the Capital Press' Oregon reporters, are preparing a comprehensive package of reports on the protest and its fallout. It's times like these when publications like the Capital Press provide an invaluable public service, giving perspective and context when much of the establishment media thinks any rancher who dares to question what the government does is akin to a militia member or terrorist. Some of these outlets will flat-out make stuff up, as BuzzFeed got caught doing with a bogus story trying to link Cliven Bundy with Donald Trump.

For comprehensive, even-handed and truthful coverage of the situation, keep checking

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