Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chicken council applauds proposed COOL repeal

The National Chicken Council is applauding the omnibus spending package negotiated in Congress, which repeals the controversial country-of-origin meat-labeling rule on the eve of anticipated retaliatory tariffs on American-made goods by Canada and Mexico.

In an emailed statement, NCC President Mike Brown said the following:

“The National Chicken Council is pleased that Congress is poised to repeal the mandatory country-of-origin labeling regulations for beef and pork, which have twice been deemed illegal by the WTO. The retaliatory tariffs awarded by the WTO to Mexico and Canada totaling over $1 billion should not now be levied against any of our chicken and fowl products, or any other American goods. This is a victory for all U.S. agricultural products and a win-win for U.S. chicken producers and consumers. When at the meat case, consumers seeking chicken made in the USA can continue to readily identify these products of American origin.”

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