Tuesday, January 6, 2015

National Bean Day highlights $30 million industry

Did you know it was National Bean Day? The University of California's Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources has the scoop.
The Golden State leads the nation in many things, but did you know that California farmers supply virtually all of our country's dry lima beans?

California farmers grew about 23,000 acres of baby and large limas with a value of about $30 million in 2012, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

"While that's not a lot compared to some crops in our state, it's significant because California growers produce 60 to 80 percent of the world's market of dry limas," said Rachael Long, UC Cooperative Extension advisor.

The primary export market for California baby lima beans is Japan, where they are used to make Japanese confections, such as sweet bean filling for manju.
Read more of Pamela Kan-Rice's blog post here.

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