Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January rainfall (or lack thereof) by the numbers

A winter that was ushered in with copious amounts of rainfall in Northern California has given way to another record-setting dry spell. A stubborn high-pressure ridge that stymied rainfall in past winters is back for a repeat performance, sending approaching storms on a detour through the Pacific Northwest.

Here are the monthly and seasonal rainfall totals and comparisons to normal for selected California cities, according to the National Weather Service.

*Redding: Month to date 0.26 inches (normal 5.06 inches); season to date 16.51 inches (normal 17.91 inches)
*Eureka: Month to date 1.36 inches (normal 5.54 inches); season to date 22.87 inches (normal 22.59 inches)
*Sacramento airport: Month to date trace inches (normal 3.04 inches); season to date 10.38 inches (normal 9.32 inches)
*Modesto: Month to date 0 inches (normal 2.17 inches); season to date 7.4 inches (normal 6.25 inches)
*Salinas: Month to date 0.01 inches (normal 2.16 inches); season to date 8.11 inches (normal 6.27 inches)
*Fresno: Month to date trace inches (normal 1.83 inches); season to date 3.19 inches (normal 5.3 inches)

Before today, Red Bluff had seen 0.04 inches of precipitation this month, a little above the trace amounts it received in January 2007.

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