Thursday, January 9, 2014

Runner offers mixed reaction to Brown's budget

George Runner, the north state's representative on the state Board of Equalization, says Gov. Jerry Brown is right to advocate for fiscal restraint but adds the governor's continued spending on high-speed rail means his priorities "are off track."

Here is his statement:
“A budget that demonstrates fiscal restraint is essential for California to stay on track. The Governor’s high speed rail funding plan shows at least some of his funding priorities are off track.

“Increased revenues are primarily the result of temporary tax increases that will soon expire. California cannot solve its long-term budget problems by relying on temporary solutions that undermine job creation and economic growth.

“A comprehensive plan must prepare for the ending of the temporary tax increases Californians imposed on themselves to get out of the fiscal hole of overspending and recession.

“It is vital to set aside reserves for future shortfalls, or the Legislature may push to make temporary tax increases permanent. A strong rainy day fund is an important part of ensuring our state’s fiscal stability.

“California’s budget challenges will only be truly solved when a strong and healthy private sector is able to create jobs and opportunity for more Californians.”
The photo is of Runner talking to a Sacramento TV reporter, courtesy of his office.

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