Wednesday, January 15, 2014

LaMalfa, McClintock oppose latest budget bill

Northern California's Reps. Doug LaMalfa and Tom McClintock both opposed the more than $1 trillion spending bill that passed the House of Representatives today.

From LaMalfa's office:
Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) today voted against the omnibus appropriations bill passed by the House today, H.R. 3547, which allocates funding approved in the budget agreement passed last month. LaMalfa supported the December budget agreement that set federal spending at $1.012 trillion, $115 billion less than the government was spending when he was sworn in, but stated that today’s measure should have repaired some of the problems within the budget agreement.

“I supported the bipartisan budget agreement last month to end the practice of passing continuing resolutions, which simply rubber-stamp the President’s priorities,” said LaMalfa. “I’m pleased with many of the steps forward this bill included, but there are spending increases in some areas that should be reformed. This measure should have gone through the full appropriations process so that each program and expenditure received an up or down vote, and that wasn’t the case.”
McClintock said in floor testimony:
This is not the “regular order” promised to the American people, in which each of the 12 appropriations bills is painstakingly vetted. It is all 12 bills rolled into one, with no opportunity for meaningful debate or amendment.

True, it adheres to the budget passed in December – but that is nothing to boast about. That budget destroyed the only meaningful constraint on federal spending.

One member said that he is “surprised” by opposition because – quote – “this bill, for the fourth year in a row, cuts discretionary spending.”

Only by Washington math. Last year, the discretionary spending of the United States government was $986 billion. This measure appropriates $1,012 billion. That’s an increase. And it is $45 billion more than the sequester would have allowed.
No doubt the two lawmakers have been hearing from their conservative supporters, many of whom have blasted the budget deal.

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