Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Could America's hunters make up an army?

A pro-gun-rights missive floating around the Internet makes the case that licensed hunters, if you put them all together, would make up a pretty impressive army.

From the email, which found its way into my "in" box this morning:
A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a handful of states and arrived at a striking conclusion:

There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin ... Allow me to restate that number: 600,000! Over the last several months, Wisconsin 's hunters became the eighth largest army in the world.

These men, deployed to the woods of a single American state, Wisconsin, to hunt with firearms, and NO ONE WAS KILLED.

That number pales in comparison to the 750,000 who hunted the woods of Pennsylvania and Michigan's 700,000 hunters, ALL OF WHOM HAVE RETURNED HOME SAFELY.

Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia and it literally establishes the fact that the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world. And then add in the total number of hunters in the other 46 states. It's millions more.

The point? America will forever be safe from foreign invasion with that kind of home-grown firepower!

Hunting... not just a way to fill the freezer.

It's a matter of national security!
Of course, the realist would come along and say a bunch of weekend-warrior hunters would be no match for a professional, standing army. But I take this as more of a food-for-thought/"fun facts" type of posting, as opposed to any kind of serious proposal.

At any rate, however, these hunters have a weapon that truly does have the establishment quaking in its collective boots. It's a weapon with which some politicians in Colorado became personally familiar recently. It's called their vote. And it explains why so many rural Democrats are unwilling to go along with President Obama's dictates when it comes to gun control.

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