Monday, December 30, 2013

What's in store for farmers and ranchers in 2014?

While some newspapers are devoting staff time to compiling silly "Top Stories of 2013" lists, the Capital Press chooses to look forward. In that spirit, our centerpiece story this week will offer a comprehensive, big-picture look at what's in store for farmers and ranchers in 2014.

My contribution is to look at fuel costs, and to summarize, American Farm Bureau Federation economist Matt Erickson agrees with the U.S. Energy Information Administration's prediction that gas and diesel prices should ease a bit in the coming year because of increasing domestic crude oil production and improved efficiency of cars.

The photo is from Redding's TA truck stop, which I visited Friday morning.

Our other reporters have been delving into farm income, credit, feed prices, the world of fertilizers and seeds, and taxes and regulation.

Look for our story on Page One of the upcoming issue, or check after New Year's.

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