Saturday, December 28, 2013

Siskiyou activist: Montague water settlement 'stinks'

This week's legal settlement over the Dwinnell Dam in Siskiyou County isn't sitting well with tea party stalwart Liz Bowen, who writes several blogs on behalf of Scott Valley Protect Our Water and the State of Jefferson movement.

She writes:
Shasta River is teaming with chinook salmon, steelhead, trout and other fish. It is a healthy river. These fish do quite well with the agricultural irrigation systems. There is enough water for these fish. Making coho try to live in a river that isn’t “naturally” a positive habitat is cruel and inhumane. This has been scientifically proven. Klamath River Keepers and Karuk Tribal leaders are using the court system to demean and destroy the City of Montague, Lake Shastina home owners and Shasta Valley farmers and ranchers. Bottom line: The cost of continuing this lawsuit was just too much. I am disgusted and disheartened at our corrupt court system that allows Greenies and political interests to beat law abiding citizens and used environmental lies as the basis for the lawsuit to begin with. Mark my words, this is not the end of the persecution from Klamath RiverKeepers and Karuk Tribal leaders.
But wait, there's more:
I could rant all night on this subject. But will make this statement loud and clear:

I allege this is extortion.

I allege our court system is upside down and facilitates this extortion.

This case was built on myth and lies.

Shasta Valley land and home owners should not have to pay for the Greenies and Karuk’s attorney fees — they are the ones that brought the lawsuit!

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