Saturday, September 7, 2013

Palo Cedro's Honeybee Festival draws thousands

Big crowds enjoyed today's annual Honeybee Festival in Palo Cedro, where a bee beard demonstration was the hit of the morning.

In the photos, American Honey Queen Caroline Adams, a beekeeper from Plano, Texas, holds the microphone and answers questions from the crowd as the bee beard demonstration proceeds. In the bottom photo, 5-year-old Evyn Russell spots the queen in a glass-enclosed hive.

Two problems always seem to bedevil the beefest each year -- heat and parking. As this is one of the only outdoor events to be held in the Redding area during the height of summer, organizers really should think about moving at least some of the vendor booths indoors. We'd have stayed longer to shop if it wasn't so dang hot.

And please, people -- you really don't need 30-some-odd parking attendants blocking rows and waving flags. This isn't a 49er game, for gosh sake. Just take the people's money at the gate and let them go find a place to park.

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