Thursday, September 5, 2013

LaMalfa on secession: Don't look at me

Rep. Doug LaMalfa won't officially get behind the latest state of Jefferson secession movement, his press secretary told me today.

"We do not have an official office position on that resolution," Kevin Eastman said of the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors' vote Tuesday to break from the rest of California.

"He can certainly appreciate the frustration that Siskiyou and other rural counties have in living with the legislation coming out of Sacramento that is authored by big-city, urban Democrats," Eastman said.

The resolution "could help draw attention to a lot of the issues that rural counties are facing, including ranching, timber and fire issues," Eastman said. "Drawing attention to those problems is important."

However, LaMalfa appears content to let this be a local push and not get involved himself.

For my story, check soon.

I haven't spoken to Erin Ryan this week, but I wonder if the first thing she said when reporters approached her Tuesday was that she was there as a Redding Tea Party representative and not in any way speaking for LaMalfa, for whom she is a legislative aide. I say this because it is often what Erin says to me before I quote her on anything. It's fair game to mention that she works for LaMalfa, but if she drew a distinction and it was omitted, that would be misleading at best.

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