Tuesday, September 10, 2013

From Russia with love: the U.S. foreign policy

As President Obama prepares his much-anticipated speech for tonight, the person who's come out smelling like a rose -- if you'll pardon the expression -- is Vladimir Putin.

It's really interesting -- and a real eye-opener as to where we've come as a country -- that the leader of Russia has managed to achieve the moral high ground over the United States on several major issues of our time. He has rightfully called into question the veracity of Obama and Kerry with regard to Syria and Libya. He has provided asylum to a man who believed was in grave danger of assassination because he revealed the extent to which our administration is spying and gathering information on average Americans. And even the law barring gay propaganda to minors -- which has many of us in the West up in arms -- is widely supported around the world.

It's like i heard on a radio show the other night. At any time in the last 100 years, if the leader of Russia had accused the president of the United States of lying, it would be seen as a joke. It's not anymore.

Now we have this supposed "deal" crafted by Putin in which the Assad regime will supposedly hand over its weapons of mass destruction. Heaven knows what this supposed "deal" actually means, but Putin comes off looking like a peacemaker, and everyone in the world knows he is extricating Obama's rump from a sling of his own making. The guy that comes out of this a loser is Kerry, the lifelong peacenik-who-served who made a fool of himself trying to sell a war that nobody wanted.

Mark me, I'm not necessarily a fan of Putin and I wouldn't live in Russia. But there's no denying his global stock has gone up this summer. Big-time, as our old pal W. would say.

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