Friday, July 12, 2013

Public regard for journalists reaches low

I've noticed that HBO has been promoting the crud out of its drama, "The Newsroom," but the show doesn't seem to be having its intended effect -- that is, to resuscitate the public image of a group that's increasingly seen as the de facto information ministry for a very aggressive and elitist government. From Brietbart:
A new Pew poll that examines public esteem of various institutions shows that members of the media have rapidly lost favor with the public since 2009. Four years ago, 38% of adults believed journalists contributed "a lot to society's well being." Today, that number is down to 28%. Journalists are rapidly losing favor with women; that number dropped 17 points, from 46% to 29%.
"But wait," you may be saying. "Aren't you a journalist, too?" I'm a journalist in the classical sense, not in the sense of what the word has come to mean in America today.

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