Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Caltrans 'moving mountains' on Buckhorn

Longtime north state outdoors writer Frank Galusha has a comprehensive report out on the work that's being done to straighten Highway 99 over the Buckhorn Summit. He writes:
Anyone trying to drive to and from the coast has encountered some delay going over Buckhorn Summit between Redding and Weaverville. It can be annoying and uncomfortable waiting, especially in the hot sun, for your turn to drive through the “Cone Zone,” which is nearly two miles long.

On my recent trip to Lewiston Lake to report on the Pine Cove Marina “Feed the Fish” Derby, my wife and I got to see what is taking place on the grade up Buckhorn Summit. On our western leg we got lucky and were one of the last vehicles to fall into line behind the traffic control truck. The delay was only a few minutes, but on the other end we counted 64 drivers waiting their turn. On the way back, our luck was reversed. We were stopped within sight of the flagman for about 20 minutes. Both west and east-bound trips were on Saturday, July 13!

On both legs I tried to get an idea of what Caltrans was doing. Even though the project has been underway for several months it was hard to discern exactly what was being done to straighten out this treacherous stretch.
His report, including lots of nifty diagrams and aerial photos, is here. (HT: Nadine Bailey and Bruce Reynolds on Facebook.)

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