Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May revise keeps CDFA whole

The May budget revision that Gov. Jerry Brown unveiled today maintains a status quo for the California Department of Food and Agriculture, whose nearly $61.9 million proposed general fund contribution would be the same as the current fiscal year. The proposal is unchanged from Brown's initial budget in January.

Brown also proposes maintaining a $500 million increase to the University of California and California State University systems with additional increases in each of the next four years. I'm checking on what this will mean for ag education.

Here's how the north state's Sen. Jim Nielsen reacted:
“The Governor has revenue estimates that are lower than anyone expected, largely due to the increased federal payroll tax suppressing the economy.

“That’s why it is imperative that the Legislature stop all job-killer bills. The economy can only improve if oppressive and duplicative regulations are abolished.

“Having been through many budget committee hearings, I must caution the Governor and my Democrat colleagues to keep in mind that California government is still increasing spending by some 24 percent over the next four years. The state has a structural deficit.

“The near automatic increases persist in the state budget. There is a need for a Constitutional budget requirement and a hard spending cap if the state's finances are to be balanced. Reforms are needed and are long overdue.

“The Governor’s rhetorical prudence has got to be translated into action by the Legislature.”
For my story on the impact on ag, check CapitalPress.com soon.

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