Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Valley rice 'at a crossroads'

A grower passes this along in an email regarding my story yesterday on the decline in rice acreage in California and nationwide:
With the price of rice below the cost of production the industry should be worried. If you cannot make money growing rice you will re-leveled your ground a grow other crop . Remember this valley only had rice grown it since about 1920 . This valley was all barley , wheat , sorghums , grapes ,olives we do have a choice . With the farm bill changing and no direct payments you will see more sunflowers , safflower, milo grown . If I was a rice mill in the Sacramento valley I would be concerned . As far as my neighbors are concerned , you must provide for your family if that means planting trees to survive so be it . I would not bet the farm on growing rice just for the sake of growing rice. Times have changed we have different varieties of corn , wheat , barley , beans that will grow in the valley . We are living in a new era of agriculture . So don’t believe all the propaganda out there. There are some acres just suited to rice but that is way below 550,000 acres it’s more like 200,000.

Rice is a cross roads in California !!!

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