Friday, April 19, 2013

Station plans gun-rights tribute

A radio station in Siskiyou County is planning to air a tribute to the Second Amendment this evening.

From a news released passed along by Erin Ryan:
Buffalo Broadcasting will have a tribute program to the Second Amendment and the anniversary of the battles of Concord and Lexington on Friday April 19th. KSYC 103.9 FM will air this program at 6pm. This broadcast can also be listened to on the internet buy going to then click on listen live. KSIZ will air the program at 10am and 6pm on Friday. Redding and Red Bluff should tune in on 102.3 Weed, Mt Shasta and Scott Valley should tune to 102.3 FM and Yreka should tune to 101.7 FM.

Freedom has never been and is not now "free". It was paid for in blood by American Patriots. We cannot possibly keep everyone safe before the fact. To do that we would have to become a police state. Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, "Those willing to trade liberty for temporary security, will achieve and deserve neither". Our right to defense of Life, Liberty and Property predate the Constitution. They are "Natural and Inalienable Rights given us as Free and Independent Human Beings by our Creator, Our God!!!

The Bill of Rights simply Declares what all free men already know. That, over which the government has no authority.

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