Monday, April 8, 2013

LaMalfa opines on budget, economy

I've been out of town in the last few days and am just catching up. In the meantime, Rep. Doug LaMalfa has sent out another newsletter outlining positions and updates on various issues. Here it is:
Visit to Chico and Redding Area Schools
Last week, I had the opportunity to visit the Emma Wilson School, Pacheco School, and the Monarch Learning Center to talk with students about the Constitution, answer their questions, and deliver donated books from the Library of Congress. Approximately 20,000 items are donated to the Library of Congress each day, and those not added to the permanent collection are released to be donated to schools around the nation. I greatly enjoyed catching up with our students, especially having attended local schools myself. It was a very rewarding opportunity to be able to answer their questions about the Library of Congress, the Lincoln Memorial, and the interworking of Congress. I was impressed with their knowledge of current issues and our government system. I also had the opportunity to meet with a group of American Government students at Chico State University. We discussed my experiences as a new member of the United States House of Representatives and issues that affect our area. I happen to know firsthand that Chico State graduates are top-notch, as several of my staff attended the University. The students I met with exemplified their readiness to make a difference and I think California will be better for it.

Passing a Budget
I voted in support of the House Republican budget plan, which balances the federal budget within the next ten years. The Ryan Budget saves billions by eliminating spending caused by Obamacare, reducing bureaucracy, and protecting defense funding. By voting for this bill, we took action to move our country toward responsible, long term budgeting with a plan that actually balances. It is simply irresponsible to continue piling up debt that will inevitably burden future generations. Despite raising taxes by $1 trillion, the Senate Democrat budget never balances. Here is a short video of my reaction to the House budget.

The House also passed H.R. 933, known as the Continuing Resolution, which funds government operations through the end of the year while reducing spending by $85 billion dollars and protecting defense funding from automatic cuts.The continuing resolution makes smart reductions in spending, prevents new spending for Obamacare, maintains a strong military and ensures the government continues to provide essential services.

H.R. 1038, the Public Power Risk Management Act
My first bill as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives passed out of the Agriculture Committee. H.R. 1038, the "Public Power Risk Engagement Act of 2013," preserves the ability of public power utilities to purchase energy for future needs at cost-effective rates. The measure passed with unanimous support and is cosponsored by bipartisan lawmakers from across the nation. At a tough financial time for our country, the last thing we need is for electrical bills to go up. My bill moves forward to protect 49 million Americans from rate increases that would otherwise be caused by red tape and over-regulation. Northern California communities that could benefit from this bill include Redding, Biggs, Shasta Lake, Susanville, Roseville, Sacramento, and others.

I voted in support of the SKILLS Act, H.R. 803, which streamlines federal workforce development training programs, increases local control and improves accountability for programs receiving federal funding. The bill fulfills a call by President Obama's State of the union Address to improve the nation's workforce program. This legislation willserve to help millions of under or unemployed Americans to receive training and strengthen accountability. H.R. 803 streamlines and consolidates 35 programs, including 26 identified by the Government Accountability Office as duplicative or ineffective. Furthermore, it gives local workforce investment boards the ability to contract directly with community colleges to increase the availability of training and eliminates 19 federal requirements that tie that hands of decision making by local boards.

Senator Rand Paul's Stand for Constitution and Due Process
Senator Rand Paul spoke for the millions of Americans concerned about individual liberty and government overreach. It was an honor to join a number of House Republicans on the Senate floor to lend moral support to his efforts in protesting the Obama administration's initial refusal to admit that it lacked legal authority to use drone strikes against Americans on American soil. The Commander in Chief does, of course, have the power to protect Americans from imminent attack, however, it is unconstitutional to kill a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil who does not pose an imminent threat. This debate is largely symbolic of the larger debate over the role and scope of our government. I am proud to stand with Rand in defense of liberty, due process, and the Constitution.
LaMalfa also made the following statement after Friday's jobs report, which found that just 88,000 new jobs were created and 500,000 Americans left the workforce, bringing workforce participation to its lowest rate since 1979.
“Today’s jobs report makes it even more clear that big government and a ‘Washington knows best’ attitude will never spur the robust growth that our nation’s economy needs.

“House Republicans are working to cut red tape and create more forestry jobs in rural communities, lower energy costs and roll back health care taxes. We’ve passed bills streamlining job training programs to modernize our workforce and keep us competitive. I’m cosponsoring legislation to ensure that job-killing regulations, thousands of pages of which have been released just this year, need congressional approval before they go into effect.

“We’re taking action to get the economy back on track, not simply giving it lip service.

“Instead of simply talking about job creation, this administration needs to examine its policies and recognize that higher energy prices, increasing health care costs and rising taxes are slowing growth and stunting economic recovery.”
In the photos, the congressman is seen delivering books to students at the Emma Wilson School in Chico and touring the Air Spray Aviation Services USA plant, also in Chico.

No one has asked me yet, but the reason I post these things in their raw form without comment is to educate the public about what the congressman is up to. Like him or not, he is this area's elected representative in Congress, and frankly some media outlets have chosen to ignore him unless they can find some controversy to exploit. Heaven knows we're inundated with daily news reports about the activities of our president, whoever he happens to be at the moment. So I make it a point to offer regular updates on what our congressman says and does.

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