Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FB leader: Overhaul the tax code

As the April 15 deadline for filing tax forms draws near, the Texas cattle and rice producer who leads the American Farm Bureau Federation is calling for an overhaul of the tax code.

Bob Stallman writes (via the California Farm Bureau Federation's Ag Alert):
It's that time of year again—tax time.

Boston threw a tea party to protest it; Shakespeare and Mark Twain have prattled off quotes about it; the Beatles even dedicated a song to it. Nothing brings people together more than rallying against a tax.

While taxes are necessary for a functioning government and society—where would we be without public schools, roads and firemen or police officers?—if not reined in, they can become too much for American families and businesses.

Taxes should never impede job creation, higher wages and economic investment. But, unfortunately, complex and unjust tax laws have been doing just that. To get the country back on track, Congress is working to reform the tax code and congressional leaders say that nothing is off the table, which is good news for farmers and ranchers.

Farm Bureau supports an overhaul of the current federal income tax system. The new tax code should encourage, not penalize, success and promote savings, investment and entrepreneurship. Importantly, it should be fair to farmers and ranchers and other owners of other family businesses and small businesses. The tax system should be transparent and simple for Americans to understand.
For his entire op-ed, click here.

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