Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beef ads travel 2 million miles

An American trade organization has been working with marketers in South Korea to put "rolling billboards" advertising U.S. beef on delivery trucks, ensuring that many residents there see the promotions while they're in traffic.

From the U.S. Meat Export Federation:
TV ads only work if you are tuned to the right channel. Billboards don’t move. Even Internet advertising is only effective if you visit a particular website. USMEF-Korea is taking a different approach: cooperating with local meat distributors in a cost-effective measure that repeatedly brings the message of quality U.S. beef and pork directly to the more than 10 million people who live in Seoul: ads on delivery trucks.

Inspired by Korea’s application of mandatory country of origin labeling for meat products, USMEF initiated the truck ad program in the summer of 2011 to give more visibility to U.S. products to both end-users as well as consumers. Since that time, USMEF has negotiated for 33 Korean delivery trucks to be wrapped with mouth-watering, full-color images of American pork and another 29 trucks with the ads for U.S. beef.

At an average of about 33,000 miles traveled per truck per year, these moving billboards cover about 2 million miles per year through business districts and neighborhoods as U.S. red meat is delivered to restaurants, butcher shops and other outlets. And while gridlocked traffic is a curse for Seoul residents, where growing road congestion has driven average driving speeds from 19.1 miles per hour in 1990 to just under 10 in 2009, it is a boon to USMEF when these rolling advertisements populate the streets.
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