Friday, March 29, 2013

Tunnel opponents to show film

Speaking of water, opponents of Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to build tunnel bypasses around the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta will show a documentary, "Over Troubled Waters", at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Weaverville Fire Hall.

As Doni Chamberlain's ANewsCafe reports:
On July 25, Governor Brown and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced a plan to drill two 30’-40’ diameter tunnels 150 feet for 35 miles under California’s Delta to siphon northern California water to thirsty San Joaquin Valley agribusiness and Southern California cities, according to Stokely. Previous plans to build a “Peripheral Canal” were defeated by two thirds of California voters in 1982 during Brown’s first tenure as governor of California.

In this visually rich documentary, Ed Begley Jr. narrates the story of how the people of the Delta are fighting to protect the region they love and to encourage saner, sustainable water policies for all the people of California.

Tom Stokely of C-WIN said, “The project will harm Trinity County and Trinity River interests by drawing down Trinity Lake even more. There is absolutely no protection for Trinity River interests from this project. Water export amounts and fishery protection flows are being put off until after the project is constructed, a ‘plumbing before policy’ decision to misinform the public about the true costs and benefits. Cost estimates are significantly underestimated. While Peripheral Tunnel proponents claim that the beneficiaries of the project will pay for it, they are planning on substantial subsidies from state and federal taxpayers amounting to billions more borrowed dollars. There are much more cost effective, job-producing and locally-based ways of providing water supply reliability including recycling, conservation, stormwater capture and groundwater desalination.”
For information, call Stokely at (530) 926-9727 or 524-0315 or Bob Morris at (530) 623-5410.

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