Wednesday, March 6, 2013

LaMalfa votes to avoid shutdown

The north state's Rep. Doug LaMalfa voted with the majority today for a budget bill he asserts would avert a government shutdown while fully funding the military.

From the congressman:
Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) today voted in favor of H.R. 933, which funds the federal government’s operations for the remainder of the year while maintaining the $85 billion in spending reductions imposed by the sequester. The bill passed on a 267-151 vote and reduces annual spending, but also provides full funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs and military.

“This bill prevents a government shutdown, properly funds defense and veterans affairs and at the same time reduces government spending,” said LaMalfa. “The alternative to this bill is a shutdown of the government, threatening our national security and essential services.”

Other provisions of the bill prohibit ACORN-related entities from receiving federal funds, ban federal agencies from lobbying for or against legislation and require federal contractors to use the E-Verify system to ensure employees are in the country legally. Additionally, the bill does not include funding requested by the President to implement the healthcare takeover.

“This bill makes smart, targeted spending reductions, rather than the across-the-board cuts that even the President referred to as ‘dumb’ and does so without increasing taxes on every American. It fully funds the Border Patrol and prevents the release of thousands illegal immigrants already convicted of crimes, increases security at our embassies overseas and maintains FBI staffing,” added LaMalfa. “I look forward to the Senate adopting this measure so that Washington can avoid another manufactured crisis.”
Video footage of LaMalfa's comments is here.

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